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published: 2019-07-25
2019-07-25 18:09:11

Wealth Creators is a specialised financial services team committed to excellence .
We partner with our clients on their journey to financial wellness.
Our focus is on the constant educational development and growth of our planners coupled with solid and innovative research. This focus enables us to provide highly effective and measurable financial solutions for our clients.


Wealth Creators places an emphasis on fully comprehensive and integrated financial planning. We focus on both Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection.

We have close to R650m in assets under management. In order to grow these assets and manage client expectations we focus on cutting edge research tools. Analytics Fund Research and Bridge Fund Managers Income Coverage and Scenario tools are used in every Investment case, regardless of the size. Focused research, direct access to skilled and seasoned Fund Managers, and strong partnerships ensure our planners are properly prepared, highly motivated, and able to offer comprehensive and tailor made investment and risk strategies.

We are family and client centric.  We are committed to service excellence, and our partnership with the industry leader Momentum enables us to cater for any financial need a client may have.